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This website is very informative and insightful, and will be saved for future referencing without a doubt. Thank you for combining the gamut of small business pressures into this bullet' article.Best of luck on your new endevor.
Reolan (Addison Wesley)  
Wonderful Journal!
Sounds like an amazing trip, Drae, and you've done a great job detailing it. You've given your account verbal and visual texture that, unfortunately, magazines almost never permit anymore. I'm sure this will inspire many travelers to dive in to the wonders of Peru. Congratulations!
Bob Howells  
Freelance National Geographic writer  
Excellent format, great photos and good texts!
Dilwyn Jenkins 
author The Rough Guide to Peru  
i really enjoyed reading your report about the fun of traveling to the Refuge. Keep up the great work!
Charlie Munn 
ceo SouthWild Jaguar Camp, Brazil  
Amazing! Those three little monkeys are so cute, I didn't know anyone got such a good shot. All your photography is amazing. What a wonderful trip that was. I had such a good time :-) and I really enjoyed meeting you and traveling with you. I hope you have a very Happy Holiday Season and an exceptional 2013.
Much love, jj  
This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for putting this together and for sharing it. Your photos, comments, and information is terrific. What a journey we had. Hope to see you on a trail again soon. Thanks again!
I checked out your site on my ancient PC, and the site came up beautifully.
An outstanding job of doing the background research for the places you visited and putting it all in context with your travels along with excellent photography. I am sure your readers will find your journal to be a great resource to use to plan their trip to Peru. I look forward to reading your next travel journal!
thanks for your kind words, the pictures of the web are fantastic and details efficiently how was the trip... Wishing you the best in this holidays Hear from you soon.
Naturalist Guide  
Om Om Great pics!!! Was able to navigate the site well! Hope your holidays are special.
Love and Light, Pat  
What an amazing journey and beautiful inspiration. Everyone should have this experience and be able to share it with others. The photography was much enjoyed and captured the spirit and determination of the indigenous people.
Justin Richardson  
Great writings, great photos. You have talent in expressing the great traveling energy. Keep it up!
Randy Levine